September 7, 2020  

BREAKING: We are returning to our camp and ceremonial ground near the Adani mine site. Our people were moved on from the camp by police a week ago after Adani, who holds the Moray Downs pastoral lease where the ceremonial camp is located, falsely claimed that we were trespassing.

The Qld Premier and Police Commissioner, and the head of Adani Australia, have all received letters from our lawyers asking that they not interfere with the right of our people to be present on Country.

We are forced to fight Adani and the State just to be on Country, so we can be there to honour our ancestors and protect our land, as our people have done for millennia. We have a right to be there. Adani has no right to remove us. And any attempt to evict us may result in assault and racial discrimination charges.

Your kind donations to our fight is very much appreciated.